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Just because you already have a pool does not mean you cannot Renovate your pool or add any number of impressive new features. A Perfect renovation to a modern looking pool can greatly increase your home’s value!!

Swimming pool Restoration, Resurfacing includes the Relining and Installing of new, quality fibreglass lining.
Swimming pool Restoration and Remodelling could include New mosaic, Custom lighting, Waterfalls, Beautiful Mosaic Features (Dolphins/ Mermaids or Sea Horse to name a few) , and so much more. Giving your pool a makeover can mean the difference between a dull outdoor space and your own private oasis.

Considering Pool Renovations, a new look or upgrade? Need remodelling ideas or looking to repair a leaking pool?
You have come to the right place! BestPoolRenovators have the solutions! We are extremely proud of the pools we have already renovated. We specialize in Swimming Pool Resurfacing, Restoration and Renovation.
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Our Pool Renovation Services cover:
  • Pool resurfacing/ relining dull or damaged swimming pools with new fibreglass and upgrade your pool with Durable pool paint
  • Pool equipment upgrades and replacements
  • Pool and spa automation
  • LED Colour lighting
  • Tile repairs or coping
  • Replacement of worn-out filters and pumps
  • Saltwater chlorination system installation
  • Pool repair and upgrades
  • Plumbing repairs
Please note we do not do painting alone since it lack durability and would not be considered a renovation, but a poor investment!
BestPoolRenovators can make it happen. We Renovate Incredible Pools - The Best solutions > Perfect results
When you are ready to remodel your swimming pool, be sure to call BestPoolRenovators.
Having been in business renovating and working with various types of swimming pools in different shapes and sizes, we have the knowledge, expertise and experience to transform your outdated pool into a fresh and beautiful environment!
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To receive an estimate for swimming pool remodelling costs, please give Johan a call – he will come out to discuss potential ideas and renovation costs with you.
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