What if my pool needs a serious makeover?

In just a matter of 7 - 10 days, we can transform your pool from a eyesore to a Sparkly refreshing haven in your backyard with a fiberglass lining! Regardless of what your pool was built with (e.g. cement, marbelite, concrete or fiberglass) all swimming pools have a maximum life span and would eventually need to be renovated and fixed up. BestPoolRenovators specializes in fibreglass linings which gives that old-tired swimming pool a new lease of life.

Can my pool be repaired if it still contains water?

Technically, yes. You could patch up an area that is above half way. However, we would highly recommend a full repairing with complete relining since multiple patches could result in a leak.

How long do you take to renovate a pool?

Our average renovation time – relining with fiberglass is normally 7 to 10 working days. Weather (rain) would be the only delay as materials need to dry before next steps. Customizing or changing the shape of your pool takes longer but we will discuss the details with you should you prefer a custom shaped pool.

What about filling the pool again with water?

The thought of water wasting could be overwhelming!! But with BestPoolRenovators there is no need to waste invaluable water, or even pay heavy water penalties! BestPoolRenovators will empty your swimming pool into water storage containers (IF adequate space can be provided on site) and then pump the water back in on completion of your renovation or reline!
However should your existing pool be empty or should you not have a safe space for the water bladders, we could recommend a reliable water company who will fill your pool for you as soon as it is ready for water.